SITools is a Framework, to give access to data and services.

SITools is based on a concept of services : interconnected by a virtual Web Services bus, offering a global service which includes basic services, advanced services, accessed by one or more client applications.

The system may run locally, on a single machine, or be distributed over several machines or even several laboratories.


in version 4.5


  • Installation with a graphical interface


  • Streaming the Search result with SOAP attachment
  • SVA export result with streaming
  • Configuration of the SVA export format
  • Adding realtionship between tables with the data model

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  • Feb 09 2010
    SITools v4.5 released
  • Jul 02 2009
    Users authentication via Realm
  • Jul 02 2009
    SQL convertor tutorial is available
  • May 19 2009
    Cone search plugin (RC0.1) is available
  • Mar 5 2009
    New design for the SITools website.
  • Mar 5 2009
    New collaborative forum online.
  • Feb 02 2009
    SITools v4.3 is available.